population Blast: We are adding approximately 20 million people every year.

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population Blast: We are adding approximately 20 million people every year.

India is on the verge of a population Blast. We are adding approximately 20 million population every year. From 83 crore in 1991, we have crossed 1000 million in 2001. The rise was nearly 170 million in a decade. But after that, we added another 200 million in a decade and reached 1.21 billion. Currently, we are a 1.41 billion strong population. Very soon we would replace China in terms of the number of people living in India and abroad.

This phenomenal growth in the population is very disturbing as it takes away all the good work of the government. The per capita income was $ 1527 in 2011 and currently, it is $ 2274.

Reasons for Population Rise: We all know that the death rate and birth rate are two important factors that affect population growth. Today, the death rate has gone down due to the improvement of health infrastructure in India and around the world. The mortality rate has decreased.

It took the entire history of humankind for the population to reach 1 billion around 1810. Just 120 years later, this doubled to 2 billion people (1930); then 4 billion in 1975 (45 years). The number of people in the world has risen from 4.4 billion people in 1980 to 5.8 billion today. And it is estimated that the population could double again to nearly 11 billion in less than 40 years. 2 This means that more people are now being added each day than at any other time in human history. Currently, the world population is 7.98 Billion. It took only 42 years to add a 2.18 Billion population. If we go by this rate in the next twenty years we would add another 2 Billion population making the world population almost 10 Billion.

Effect of rising population: The way population is increasing in some parts of the world would make living in cities very dangerous. People would fight for food, water, shelter, etc as the facilities would decrease. The pressure on natural resources would change the earth's atmosphere and people will fight for their survival.

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