Covid 19 through the eyes of a child

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Covid 19 through the eyes of a child

In the month of March 2020 my school Somerville

Noida declared holidays for the new session from 13th. I have been

home since then. Do you know why? Covid 19!! Due to increasing number of

positive cases of this viral disease, our Prime Minister declared a ‘lockdown’.

When I checked the Oxford Dictionary Lockdown is “a situation in which

restrictions are placed on everybody’s movements and actions”.

Corona Virus is of many types- Covid 19 is only

one of them. It is believed that it originated from China. For escaping Covid

19 one has to follow: social distancing, wearing of masks and washing of hands

multiple times a day. My God what a task! There are no vaccines till now for

prevention, though Plasma therapy is seen as an effective treatment.

Alternative systems like Homeopathy and Ayurveda help to build immunity. Mom

gave me Arsenic 30 and papa, Giloi Kadha. Our Indian systems seem to

offer some help.

I sometimes think that Covid is ‘Kalki’,

the 10th avatar of my favourite God, Lord Vishnu. Hope our future is

safe and better. May God forgive us for spoiling our natural environment.

Abhyuday Adit Sinha

Class III

Somerville School,


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