A few things you should know about ENDOMETRIOSIS: Dr. Khushbu Dubey

A few things you should know about ENDOMETRIOSIS: Dr. Khushbu Dubey



What is it?

- endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus (the endometrium) grows outside the uterus.

- The displaced endometrium tissue continues to act as it normally would -it thickens, breaks down & bleeds with each menstrual cycle. This displaced tissue becomes trapped inside the body.

- How many & who has it ?

- One in ten women of reproductive age group have endometriosis & even more due to misdiagnosed & lack of awareness.

- Clinical presentation ?

• Painful & massive vaginal bleed associated with periods .

• Pain during urination & defecation during periods .

• 24-50% women suffering from Infertility have endometriosis.

• Pain during or after coitus .

• However endometriosis maybe asymptomatic.

✦ All places endometriosis is found | some are very common| while others are rare| we need a cure| killer cramps aren't normal|

Factors responsible ?

Factors that increase risk :

Periods started at age 11.

Monthly cycles less than 27 days.

Menstrual cycle : heavy & more than 7 days

Factors that lowers the risk :

Periods starting late in adolescence.


Low amount of body fat

Family history ; rises the history 6 fold

Regular exercise (more than 4 hours per week )

Top 5 foods for endometriosis :

To help manage the endometriosis symptoms;

Turmeric : helps to deal with inflammatory markers like cytokines . Start grating innyo soups, curries or smoothies

Chia seeds: an omega 3 fatty acids source which is the building block of healthy hormones & helps build inflammatory compounds. Try chia seeds pudding for breakfast or some chia jam.

• Berries : rich in anti-oxidants which can help with the pain associated endometriosis .

• Cruciferous vegetables: vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower & turnips . Can support the immune system & help to detoxify excess oestrogen.

Whole-grains, eggs, & legumes : are rich in vitamin B 12 which supports conversion of fatty acids which supports production of

anti-inflammatory compounds.

Diagnosis :

• Detailed history taking

• Pelvic examination

• Ultrasonography

• Diagnostic laparoscopy is the only way to confirm diagnosis.

- Lets end the silence & talk about endometriosis

Patient may not look sick, but if you see inside out they would tell different stories.

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