BBAU Professor granted Indian Patent for developing 3E defluoridation processes

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BBAU Professor granted Indian Patent for developing 3E defluoridation processes

In India,over 66 million people, including 6 million children below the age of 14 years residing in 21 States are exposed to fluoride toxicity. Numerous regions across Uttar Pradesh are witnessing alarming levels of fluoride concentration in their groundwater sources, surpassing the permissible limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Prolonged exposure to high levels of fluoride can lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, debilitating conditions that weaken bones and damage teeth. Children are particularly vulnerable, as their developing bones absorb more fluoride than adults. The prevalence of dental and skeletal fluorosis not only affects the physical well-being of individuals but also hampers their socio-economic prospects, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

Fluoride contamination crisis in not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in several other States demands immediate action to safeguard public health and secure the State's water resources for future generations. A coordinated effort involving government agencies, civil society, and local communities is crucial to mitigate the effects of this crisis and ensure access to clean and safe drinking water for all.To address this pressing issue, a multi-pronged approach is necessary to implement efficient and low cost water treatment technologies to reduce fluoride levels and ensure safe drinking water.

To address the prevailing fluoride crisis, Professor Narendra Kumar, Department of Environmental Science, BBAU Lucknow has developed an Eco-friendly, cost Effective and Efficient process for management of fluoride in ground water; a prime source of drinking water.Process involves combination of biowaste and geo-material to develop a low cost adsorbent for fluoride management in drinking water.

The method has been found to be successful in sustainable management of fluoride in drinking water.For this invention,Prof.Kumar and his team have been granted a patent by The Patent Office, Government of India.The technique developed has been as an outcome of the research project entitled “Development of 3-E defluoridation assembly for sustainable removal of fluoride from drinking water” sanctioned by Scientific & Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

His team members includes Anit Kumar Yadav, Dr. Vertika Shukla, Prof.Sunita Mishra, Ms. Anita, Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dr.Ritu Singh, Dr.Shilpa Pandey and Prof.Munendra Singh.

Fig. Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis. (Source: Google)

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