Shortage of Covid medicines makes people angry

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Shortage of Covid medicines makes people angry

A number of medicines used for Covid patients are short of supply. In Maharashtra, the rising covid cases have created a lot of problems. The beds in the Hospitals are occupied, shortage of oxygen cylinders, Medicine making life hell.

If things are not corrected in time, it may result in growing anger and protest.

The Maharashtra Government is not able to handle the situation properly. The situation in Mumbai and other areas is getting worse.

The migration of the laborers has also started and if the State Government will not take appropriate action soon, this will also go out of control. This will not only affect Maharashtra but the areas where the laborers will reach.

Last year also, when the state Government announced lockdown, a great number of workers from across the state migrated to UP, Bihar and other parts of India.

This year, we still have time to manage things. The Government must reach out to them to stop the ongoing migration.

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